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Drive technology is our passion

Innovation and fully integrated production capabilities are our strengths


Drive technology is our passion.  From design to final inspection, we always keep a close eye on our products. High-quality and innovative strength is only achievable through our competent and dedicated employees. As an owner-managed business, it is extremely important to us that the commitment and passion of our employees are reflected in the product design and fabrication processes.

Our focus on advanced and environmentally friendly technologies proves that we are the right partner in drive technology. We owe our success to our highly capable employees and to our long-standing relationships with customers and suppliers.


Capacity, competence, and know-how


KORDEL®’s gear and drive systems are manufactured in our fully integrated, state-of-the-art production facilities, consisting of approx. 60,000 m² of space in total. Our high-bay warehouse is fully automated and digitalized.

We have been inspiring customers with our comprehensive expertise for over 5 decades. Our success can be attributed directly to the competence of our employees who are largely responsible for the long-term customer loyalty we enjoy today.



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From gear blank to finished gearbox



CAPACITY: We are fully prepared for your special order

Our 4 production facilities – comprising an area of more than 60,000 m2 in total – enable us to meet ever-increasing market demands and order volumes. All production steps – from gear blank to finished gearbox – are carried out under one roof. KORDEL® customers benefit from our seamless tracking processes and first-class quality standards.


From blacksmith to internationally acclaimed drive-technology manufacturer.



COMPETENCE: > 50 years of industry know-how

Beginning as a blacksmith’ workshop, KORDEL® has evolved into an internationally renowned manufacturer of drive and gear systems. Our customers appreciate our high degree of flexibility in special gear fabrication. All production steps – from design to final inspection – are completed under one roof.

Our history at a glance




The cornerstone of the original blacksmith shop and current KORDEL® location in Dülmen-Rödder, Germany.


With increased mechanization in agriculture in the 1950s, the focus of the blacksmith and wagon builder shifts.


The company takes a giant leap towards gearbox manufacturing. At this time, the company produces sprocket wheels and gains further insight into gearbox fabrication. The development of the first complete gear system and in-house designed gearwheel soon follow.


In the 1980s, the company’s gear-system range is complemented by the production of steering bearings, DC, and AC motors. The location in Dülmen-Rödder continues to grow.


KORDEL® opens a second production facility in Jawor, Poland.


In the late 90s, Johannes and Christoph Kordel take over the reins of the company.


Like the main plant in Dülmen-Rödder, the factory in Jawor, Poland also continues to grow.


In addition to the head office in Dülmen-Rödder, further manufacturing space is added in nearby Dernekamp.


Construction of a fully automated high-bay warehouse and additional assembly plant.


Expansion of the production plant in Jawor, Poland.


The shares of the Kordel Group are transferred in full to foundations. The company's guiding principles - stability, consistency, and reliability are further emphasized through its shareholder structure.


Capacity is further enhanced through an additional production facility in Bialogard, Poland.


Site expansion (Start of construction work in Olfen (Germany))

With experienced employees, we are able to reach our goals.



KNOW-HOW: Employees are the foundation of our success


The competence, commitment, creativity, and integrity of our employees are the most important elements of the success we enjoy today. We help our employees improve their performance by providing vocational and advanced training, a fair, performance-related pay, and a safe and secure work environment.

In addition to the talented young people in our company, we have many employees that have been part of our team for decades. This is something we are extremely proud of.

We motivate our employees by:

  • trusting them based on the principle, "control is good – trust is better"
  • treating them fairly, keeping them informed, and listening to them
  • promoting independent thinking/action by assigning authority and responsibility
  • providing goal-oriented leadership and recognizing exceptional achievements
  • stimulating their professional development


Our values

At KORDEL®, we have clearly defined values that determine our operating procedures:

  • Collaboration with customers
  • Interaction with employees
  • Cooperation with suppliers
  • Deep understanding of products, quality, and service
  • Operating in a competitive atmosphere
  • Environmental awareness

Our philosophy


The company

We design, develop, and manufacture innovative gear and drive systems. As an internationally oriented owner-managed business, we focus on the requirements of an ever-changing global market.

Our vision

We fulfill customer wishes. We create innovative, flexible solutions that are simply unmatched when it comes to performance, quality, and service. For us to remain a step ahead of the competition, we rely on advanced and environmentally friendly technologies and on the the competence, commitment, and creativity of our employees. We want to be an inspiration to our customers.



"...superbly passed on to the next generation"

"At KORDEL®, the transition from one generation to the next is almost seamless. Valuable experience gained over the years is superbly passed on to the next generation.
There is also a sense of security working for a company with a clearly defined workflow, even when the company is continuously evolving."

Udo K. & Luca H. - Assembly

"...superbly passed on to the next generation"

"At KORDEL®, the transition from one generation to the next is almost seamless. Valuable experience gained over the years is superbly passed on to the next generation.
There is also a sense of security working for a company with a clearly defined workflow, even when the company is continuously evolving."

Udo K. & Luca H. - Assembly






We train precision mechanics, technical product designers, industrial business management assistants, and IT specialists.

Simply browse through our current apprenticeship programs and discover the diverse training possibilities available at KORDEL®.

We rely on our employees to be successful. For us, a flat hierarchy is not just a meaningless phrase but an everyday practice. Our qualification and advanced training programs ensure that the skills and knowledge of our employees are always up to date.

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